Welcome, everyone! 

My family and I are so 
grateful for our incredible
community of families
and staff that have made 
​this dream possible. 

I graduated from Chippewa
Valley Technical College in
2013 with an Associate's
Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have always

Our Facility

Mr. Tyler works part-time with our school-age program at the Fountain. When he isn't with us, he works as the Media Director for his church. He's also studying to become a children's pastor! He has jumped right in to our program with no hesitation and the kids already love him. 

Job Opportunities

Our Staff

Spots & Stripes

Miss Shaina is one of our part-time floating teachers and has been a great addition! She graduated with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education, and works as an elementary aide with the New Auburn school district. She does a great job keeping our after-school bigs under control!

Fill out an application by clicking above or send a resume to info@spotsandstripeselc.com

Miss Megan has stepped back as the Assistant Director here at Spots & Stripes to more effectively use her degrees in Business Administration and IT Networking. She stills pops in a few times a month to help with paperwork and cleaning up after the Director, though, so be sure to say hello!

While Miss Sarah was originally just looking for care for her two kiddos, she decided instead to join our Spots family and we couldn't be happier! She works part-time in our Zebra Room and brings nothing but positivity to the classroom.

Meet Our Team

Miss Lexi has been with the center since nearly day one. What started as an after-school gig turned into her full-time career plan. She is lead-teacher certified through the DCF and is currently studying Early Childhood Education as well. She always has a lesson, project, or activity up her sleeve!

Miss Alexis originally came looking for a place for her son, Easton, to spend his days and decided to spend her days with us, too! Alexis works in our Elephant Room and continues to be a dependable and positive contribution to our center ! She radiates happiness!

Brandon & Caitlin Mitchell, Owners  

Miss Taylor is another floating teacher around Spots & Stripes these days. She works around a busy school schedule at UW-Eau Claire studying Elementary Education, and spends most of her time with our school-age and Cheetah Room kids. 

Miss Syann can be found just about anywhere in the center. She spends most of her days with our big kids, but can help out wherever we need her. Syann also has certifications in Early Childhood Education from CVTC. If you can't find her, just listen for her laugh !

What originally started as a tour to bring her new baby girl to us, ended with a job for Mom ! Miss Cristin is one of our Zebra Room teachers and has been a great addition to our busiest littles. She always manages to keep her cool while wrangling our toddlers. Be sure to say hi!

Miss Therese left her career path in finances to pursue her true dream of spending her days with children and families! During her interview, she always came back to: "I just want to work with children." She spends most of her days in the Cheetah Room and has already proven to be a dependable addition!

had a passion for children and all the incredible things they are capable of. I want to provide a safe, warm and exciting place where parents can feel comfortable leaving their children. We have great plans for Spots & Stripes and hope you will be a part of them !                              

Miss Jenna is one of our Monkey teacher and has been working with children since high school. She has experience with many different age groups in different settings and is currently studying Early Childhood Education. Her ability to implement routine and schedule has been great for our kiddos!

Miss Renae comes to us all the way from Cameron. She will be attending Liberty University in the fall to study Elementary Education. She has experience working with her elementary school's after school program and she describes herself as a positive, goal-oriented teacher. She's a great addition!

Miss Laura is an old friend of Megan's who so graciously agreed to help us out during a time of short staff. She has proven to be an excellent addition and a quick learner! She adjusts to any age group flawlessly and we are so grateful to have her around!

Miss Karen jumped on board "just to help out", and has ended up sticking around long-term! She juggles office work, classroom help, center duties, and more. She, too, is one of many trades and we are lucky to have her around!

Miss Kelly is a busy member of our team! She has experience working with children and families both in a child care setting, and as a substitute teacher for the Ladysmith School District. Miss Kelly typically works in the afternoons with our school-age kiddos, but is always willing to help in any classroom.

Miss Summer is another fresh grad from Bloomer High School and recently jumped on board to help out with our After School program. While she starts off a little shy, she isn't afraid to jump right in with our bigs -- who are almost as tall as her! 

Miss Taylor is one of our most colorful faces at Spots & Stripes. She works mostly in our preschool rooms with our rambunctious bigs and she has proven to be a quick learner! We love her sweet and gentle approach to keeping this kiddos entertained.

Miss Tiara has a one-year diploma from WITC in the Early Childhood Education program and plans to complete the second year this fall to receive her Associate's Degree. She works with our Cheetah Room friends most days and can always be seen wearing a smile through the halls. 

Early Learning Center

- Caitlin, Administrator 

Miss Jackie is of of our Zebra teachers and we are so excited to have her! She received her Early Childhood credentials through Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College and has been working with children and families for over 10 years. She excels at keeping her cool and keeping our toddlers under control.

Miss Cayla is a new face around the center, and you can find her just about anywhere ! She helps out with our toddlers and preschool friends and wears a contagious smile no matter where she goes. She will study Elementary Education in the fall and can't wait to learn more about our families!

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Miss Michele is a new face in the Lion Room. Michele comes to us all the way from Connecticut where she worked in a center as a head cook and floating classroom teacher. She also dabbles in photography and she and Terra both love themed photo shoots with our babes!

We strive for only the most experienced, most educated, and most passionate staffing at our center. There is at least one teacher is each room with an educational background in education, early childhood, psychology, or other child-related field. 

Our teachers undergo background checks before hire. Once a part of our team, they are bi-annually responsible for remaining up to date on CPR and First Aid training.

Miss Terra is one of our Elephant Room teachers. Miss Terra has an Early Education certification from Chippewa Valley Technical College, and several years of experience working with children and families. She is always coming up with new sensory experiences for our little ones!

Email us today at info@spotsandstripeselc.com. We can't wait to meet your family! 

Miss Lillian is a recent Colfax High School graduate who came looking for a job in her career field. She will be attending WITC in the fall to study Early Childhood Education. She works in our Monkey Room alongside Miss Jenna and has been a bubbly addition to our toddler team​!

Miss Lexi is one of our Elephant Room teachers. She hopped over from the toddler room to "help out", and loved it so much, she decided to stay ! She stays busy with her own girls, Ella and new baby, Ivy, and has a contagious sense of humor in and out of the classroom.

Miss Abby just finished her senior year of high school here in Bloomer and has been waiting to join our team ! She keeps busy during the school year with sports, but you are sure to see her around. And she is is Miss Karen's daughter ! 

Miss Clarissa works at our school-age program at our second location. She has lead teacher qualifications from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, and loves spending her afternoons with our energetic kiddos. On her days off, Miss Clarissa enjoys time at home with her  spunky daughter, Remini.

Miss Kristal is our new infant float and can't wait to spend her days snuggling your littles! She has a little guy of her own that keeps her busy and we are so happy to meet him, too. She is warm, kind, and believes working with children and families is the most important job there is -- we couldn't agree more!

Miss Cathy is our center chef, and spoils us daily with all of her homemade goodies! She has over ten years of experience working with children both as a teacher and in the kitchen. She loves Christmas baking the best, and trying new things with the kids!

Miss Amanda is a jack of many trades ! She fills in anywhere, any time whether in a classroom, the kitchen, or in the maintenance room. We can count on her for just about anything and are so grateful to have her around. In her "spare" time, she also owns and operates "OCD Cleaning" !

Miss Brynna is one of our Giraffe Room teachers. She and her family are originally from Colorado, and she found herself in our small town, looking for a way to spend her days. We're so glad she found us ! She jumps right in and so far has been a great addition to our team.

  • New facility 
  • Secure building
  • Center-wide Cameras
  • Preschool/School age playground
  • Infant/Toddler Playground
Certified Instructors
​We are looking for responsible, ambitious and energetic teachers at least 18 years of age and holding a high school diploma at minimum. Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees in Early Childhood or child-related fields are appreciated. We are hiring for several different positions and shifts. Please contact the center for more information. 

Benefits Include:

- Discounted Tuition 

- Paid Holidays 

- Insurance Benefits

- Flexible Scheduling 

Miss Hannah is a recent grad from Bloomer High School and is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. Ironically, she loves to spend her time with our littlest and our biggest kiddos, but jumps in wherever we need her!